Most people expect clothing to fit them perfectly off the rack. If that doesn’t end up being the case, they tend to blame their bodies and think something is wrong with the way they are shaped. In truth, it is extremely difficult for clothing designers and manufacturers to create clothing for all of the many body shapes and sizes which are out there. In fact, it’s next to impossible. There are just too many possibilities and permutations!



  • Shorten (good for petites or for when styles change)
  • Lengthen (take down hem or add similar or contrasting fabric)
  • Narrow at sides
  • Take in at waist
  • Let out at waist (if seam allowance exists)
  • If elastic waist, tighten or loosen elastic (can also replace with wider or narrower elastic)
  • Tack down pleats
  • Add hooks or snaps to wrap-style dresses (or sew shut at top)
  • Take in sleeves on dresses
  • Shorten sleeves on dresses (make ¾ sleeves, short-sleeves, or sleeveless)
  • Add sleeves (in same or contrasting fabric)
  • Take up dress at shoulder to make less low-cut

Advanced Alterations

  • Silk
  • Sequin
  • Chiffon
  • Crystal
  • Beading
  • Lace Work
  • Fine Fabrics
  • Swarovski Crystal

Dress to Impress

Professional, casual, formal wear and gowns, we are able to handle all your alteration  requirements. Imagine a wardrobe that is made to fit YOU. We offer everything from basic alterations to total restyles.

A good tailor can make the difference between a garment that simply looks okay on you and a garment that looks fantastic on you. We have been altering women's clothes for nearly 3 decades with a very high satisfaction rating.  Family owned and operated.  All work is GUARANTEED!

Fashion Re-Styling

Have a fabulous jacket with big shoulder pads? An outdated suit that still has plenty of life left in it? Don't discard them! Bring them to us for an update. We will restyle your outdated pieces and bring them to life again with a few simple alterations.

Imagine a wardrobe that is made to fit YOU!