Save 20% on alterations on in store items.


Professional, casual, formal wear and gowns, we are able to handle all your alteration  requirements. Imagine a wardrobe that is made to fit YOU. We offer everything from basic alterations to total restyles.


Let’s face it, your appearance is important. Your wardrobe contributes significantly to the impression you make on others, your success, and your self-esteem. Look better, feel better. We can help you take that step to the perfect tailored fit.


Your wedding day is one of the most important moment’s of your life.  Choosing the right tailor will make a significant difference in your overall pre-wedding experience.  Consider going to Olga’s Tailor Shop for your wedding gown, dress or suit alterations needs.

----------Behind The Seams----------

The Staff

We employ tailor and seamstresses with experience in using industrial sewing machines who know their trait. Our kind and helpful customer service helps many customers daily to find the best possible fit and tailored look.


At Olga’s Tailor Shop we are dedicated to tailoring and alterations with the high quality industrial sewing machines. Our sewing machines are designed specifically for all types of fabric and leathers. They are amongst the highest quality and most reliable industrial sewing machines on the market and you will, no doubt, be pleased with their performance, and most importantly, the results.