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Jovani Blue Trumpet Simple Mermaid Dress 22764

Jovani Blush Lace Prom Dress 90676

Jovani Blush Pink Lace Prom Dress 34082

Jovani Blush Sleeveless Jersey Prom Dress 90640

Jovani Burgundy Low Back Prom Dress 37592

Jovani Charcoal Sleeveless Chiffon Halter Dress 33851

Jovani Green Sleeveless Mikado Prom Dress 88999

Jovani Gunmetal Grey Mermaid Prom Dress 33072

Jovani High Neckline Lace Prom Dress 21789

Jovani Ivory Striped Jersey Prom Dress 28808

Jovani Light Purple Strapless A-Line Prom Gown 1332

Jovani Long Fitted Dress 31508

Jovani Nude and Silver Mermaid Sexy Dress 5908

Jovani Nude Beaded Prom Dress 22294

Jovani Off-White and Nude Sleeveless Lace Dress 29056

Jovani Off-White Long Sleeve Fitted Jersey Dress 31059

Jovani Off-White Sleeveless Halter Fitted Dress 29343

Jovani Open Back Fitted Dress 31100

Jovani Orange Jersey Strapless Prom Dress 33058

Jovani Peacock One-Shoulder Prom Dress 34068

Jovani Pink Fitted Strapless Dress 31147

Jovani Pink Two Piece Beaded Bodice Dress 24572

Jovani Purple Beaded Chiffon Dress 92605

Jovani Red Jersey Prom Dress 33144

Jovani Red Jersey Prom Dress 35097

Jovani Red Mermaid Prom Dress 22623

Jovani Red Mermaid Sleeveless Dress 32515

Jovani Red Off The Shoulder Prom Dress 31100

Jovani Red Sleeveless Fitted Lace Dress 27305

Jovani Red Sleeveless Fitted Lace Dress 27338

Jovani Red Sleeveless Fitted Prom Dress 28548

Jovani Red Sleeveless Jersey Prom Dress 32024

Jovani Red Sleeveless Jersey Prom Dress 36020

Jovani Red Sleeveless Two-Piece Mermaid Prom Dress 33862

Jovani Red Sweetheart Tiered Prom Dress 36299

Jovani Red Two-Piece Jersey Lace Top Dress 24241

Jovani Red Two-Piece Prom Dress 25464

Jovani Red Two-Piece Prom Dress 28428

Jovani Royal Jersey Fitted Prom Dress 26919

Jovani Royal Jeweled Belt Taffeta Dress 31206

Jovani Royal Lace Prom Dress 27047

Jovani Sexy Open Back Dress 33064

Jovani Sleeveless Jersey Blush Dress 99085

Jovani Sleeveless Jersey Dress 23185

Jovani Sleeveless Jersey Dresses 22884

Jovani Sleeveless Two-Piece Chiffon Prom Dress 33848

Jovani Strapless A-Line Prom Gown 39243

Jovani Strapless Fitted Prom Dress 20015